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JP's knowledge was a life changing event for me, no drama here, JP found a way to work around my shoulder injury, which had two prior surgeries that had failed and was told that my next option was a total joint replacement of the shoulder .


I can honestly say JP has only had true concern for his client. He develops a program that is laid out via an app, he constantly checks in on you and is always there for you with any questions or concerns you may have..


JP develops a personalized program of individual exercises that will help you accomplish your goals. He is extremely knowledgeable about what exercise routines work best for your body's capabilities and limitations, and he closely monitors your workout progress to effectively adjust the workouts as you progress.


I felt totally respected and taken care of.  I felt that he totally understood my pain and flexibility levels and my range of motion goal was reached in the expected time.  I have improved greatly, the at-home exercises and help taught me how to get back to my normal movements and activities. I was totally satisfied and if I have to get my other knee replaced I will definitely be back."

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