Resiliency Physical Therapy


Virtual Physical Therapy from the comfort of your own home or office.

We help Athletes and Busy Professionals Get Out of Pain and Return Back to Sport and Back to Life.


J.P. is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified golf fitness specialist, an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS), and owner of Resiliency Physical Therapy and Guidry Golf and Sport offering in-person and online training for Golf and Sports Performance. 

At Resiliency Physical Therapy we offer virtual physical therapy that can be done in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office. 


JP works with busy professionals and parents in helping them get back to work and life after pain, injury or surgery. He also focuses on rotational athletes (golf, tennis, throwers, swimming etc.) of all ages and levels working with recreational, high-level amateur and professional athletes.

He understands the value of a full evaluation and individualized training program. I focus on building a client’s program around their personal needs and goals while building strength, power, mobility and movement quality in order to help them become a better athlete and a more resilient and functional human being.

Virtual Physical Therapy

We understand that some people want to find out a bit more about the cost and availability before they book a rehab or performance training appointment. If you want to know what it costs - and what availability and options we have...just click the button below to send us a message or give us a call at 337 274 3639

What is Virtual Physical Therapy

Virtual physical therapy online assessments and treatments for pain, injury and performance let us do about 90-100% of what is done during an in-person visit from the comfort of your own home or office:

- I can get a detailed medical, injury and health history

- I can get a clear understanding of your pain and its contributors

- We can come up with a plan together and implement it around your needs and goals

- I can provide exercise and activity modifications and implementation

- I can assess how you move and what movements or positions may be contributing to your pain or complaints

- If you require exercise tweaks I can just shoot the video on the spot and email it to you

Included in the assessment and treatment are home exercise programs, email followups which are great for those small questions that pop up. Often one session is enough for a few weeks or perhaps we follow up with a 30 minute or 1-hour virtual visit once every 1-2 weeks.

No more need to go to a clinic 3x a week for months to get better. 

I will be your guide to help you get on top of you pain and get back to life as quickly as possible.

Is It Covered by My Insurance?

At Resiliency Physical Therapy we are a cash-based telehealth Practice. In a cash-based treatment model, the Physical Therapist provides the patient with physical therapy services that both parties have determined will help them reach treatment goals most efficiently. The patient pays at the time of service, allowing the therapist to focus attention on providing the best possible service while keeping administrative costs low. You may pay for services using your HSA account, actual cash, check, or a credit or debit card. Our goal is to spend more time with patients and to allow patients to take back control over their healthcare choices. Today’s healthcare consumer has become emboldened to know what care cost and are demanding more transparent pricing.

Under insurance-based circumstances, medical coding for physical therapy services provided (CPT codes) is determined using a complex matrix of "timed codes" and "untimed codes".  This often results in confusing patient bills, as the amount billed to insurance will vary visit to visit based on the exact services provided that day. Cash-based billing eliminates this confusion and allows for clarity in decision making on the part of the patient and their physical therapist.  Documentation for evaluations, treatment visits, and progress notes are performed just like any physical therapy practice and comply with all legal requirements.



Physical Therapists have extensive education and training to be neuromuscular primary care experts. For the majority of patients’ with movement or pain problems, Physical Therapists are often the provider of choice. For people with high deductibles, it makes financial sense to pay a Physical Therapist directly  for a comprehensive evaluation and treatment.

In many cases, the out of pocket expenses for a course of physical therapy will actually be LESS for services provided at Resiliency Physical Therapy. In large part, this is due to the ability to charge less per visit, with these charges being well below the national average charge submitted to insurance in a typical fee for service outpatient practice.  We can charge less because the simplified cash-based fee structure streamlines billing and does not require hiring billing personnel or paying fees to a third party billing service. This allows us to focus all energy on patient care, and allows patients to make informed decisions regarding the costs of their health care choices. Additionally, with a growing trend towards companies providing high deductible insurance along with an HSA option, a cash-based Physical Therapist may be your best option as you can your your HSA to pay for your visits.



In the state of Louisiana, Physical Therapist have direct access. Patients typically have a shorter wait times in a cash practice, the sooner the patient is seen the better the outcome. Unfortunately, Mississippi does not have direct access yet so patients that lie there will need a doctor's orders before being seen



For the self-pay patient finding therapists who offers fair, simple and transparent prices is crucial. Cash based pricing eliminates the added administrative costs when submitting claims to insurance companies. No more “We’ll send to insurance and see what they pay” when both parties know that the charges are coming out of the patient’s pocket.



We don’t demand your insurance card and ID before we will even speak with you, it doesn’t get in the way of patients getting to know their our practice and Physical Therapist. Taking insurance middlemen out of the equation allows therapists to spend more time directly with patients. This is opposed to having to abide by rigid insurance guidelines and time spent based on insurance coding dependant on your individual provider. All patients, insured or uninsured, in network or out-of-network are welcome. Payment is by cash or charge. Patients aren’t rejected because of their insurance carrier. Cash practices that are designed for self-pay patients are free from outside interference to address the circumstances and needs of individual patients, not what insurance deems allowed or necessary.


This simply means that we have not entered into a contract with individual insurance companies to receive reimbursement based on their contracted rates.  There are many insurance companies, each with their own contracted rates and regulations, and our energy is best spent working with patients. It is important to note that in-network provider status is not currently based on education, experience, skills, or treatment outcomes, but is often determined by the number of providers in a demographic area.   


You will need to check with your specific insurance plan to see if they pay for telehealth physical therapy services. In the event that they do the process is actually quite simple:  We will provide you with an invoice at the time of service, and you may submit that invoice and receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement. The invoice has all of the necessary information (business name and address, tax ID, national provider identification, license numbers, etc.) as well as the patient’s ICD-10 (diagnosis) and CPT (billing) codes. You may choose to submit bills following each visit, one time per month, or at any other interval, typically up to one year following your treatment visit.